If you want to dispose of your old neon sign, then we dismantle this for a small fee. We supply the neon sign or light boxes or channel letters within Germany.

The neon sign is especially at night for you very good advertising. Gladly we make with respect to the neon sign a deal. Therefore send us via the contact form to your contact.

Hotel Arena, LED letters

19mm PVC letters incl. 7 spotlight with articulated arm

19mm PVC characters, cap height 1000mm

Alara Maternity Clothes

Lightbox for Aristion

Round lightbox 60cm for Finkid Berlin

The Vorarbeit.Die letters were mounted on the metal sign.

The installation of Wein & Vinos as complete advertising system.

The Innnenleben an LED letters.

The power supply is relative to the NEON illumination is tiny.

Cali Nail Salon and Wellness Center & Spa
Berlin Charlottenburg (at KaDeWe)
Lightbox / Lightbox, Dimensions: 4 x 1.20 m, 2.30 x 0.60 m

Hairdressers Chameleon in Berlin Wedding Milled letter from hard foam. Cap height advertising letters 1,10m. The letters were painted.

Fahrschule Bulut (Berlin / Neukölln),
lightbox 7m long, elaborate vinyl lettering.

Physiotherapy Kramer (Berlin / Tempelhof)
Lightbox 3.50m long

Lightbox, 2-color with a translucent film, Rudow

Client: DEGEWO
pharmacy in Lichtenberg

Bacca lightbox (2 telig), 2 colored with a translucent film Dimensions: 0.95cm x 5:10, Berlin-Weissensee

Lightbox (2 telig), digital printing, Magic Fly Touristic, Berlin-Spandau

Simple lettering Oracal 8500

LED illuminated letters, Berlin-Mitte

3D letters from 19mm PVC material
painted and covered with foil.

The diamond in the middle is made of mirror acrylic glass + glass decoration film.

LED letters for MATRIX Automobile VH 700mm, writing about 8,90m

GESOBAU lightbox 4000 x 1350mm with Digitaltaldruckfolie for GESOBAU Central